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About Us

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Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta (OACOA), is a trusted name for fostering unity among Onitsha indigenes in the United States of America.

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable (tax exempt) organization formed with the sole purpose of upholding the culture of the people of Onitsha living in Atlanta and the environs.

We appreciate you for visiting our website and hope that your visit will be as rewarding for you as our accomplishments have been for our members.

The primary goal and purpose of the Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta are to promote community unity and to work to enhance the standard of living for underprivileged individuals in our neighborhoods. Our strategy is to focus on enriching and conserving Onitsha culture and heritage, providing educational resources for underserved areas, with a special emphasis on Onitsha Ado communities, and raising Diaspora awareness of Onitsha's needs. We intend to advance these goals in the following ways:

1. Scholarships for deserving university students.
2. Provision of multiple hospital beds to a medical facility.
3. Provision of student tables and chairs
4. Provision of tables and seats for teachers.
5. Assistance with continuing medical missions.
6. Assist the Onitsha Security operation.
7. Enhance cordial contact among various Onitsha communities.

We rely on the public and our members to help us generate the funding we need to achieve our goals, and we hope you will find our goals worthy of your support. Please contribute to our cause. There is no such thing as a modest sum.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ozomma Ozobia

President, OACOA, USA


Our Mission

Our mission is to make Onitsha a better place for everyone. Everyone has equal rights to existence, and we want to make sure that people can get food, education, treatment, and accommodation for everyone who is living in poverty.

Our Vision

In 2025 we want to see our organization in that position where we can see that only 10 percent Onitsha people are living in poverty and in 2040 no Onitsha people will be living under poverty around the world. 

Our Values

Only those we have touched and the people who are working with us will know our value. We do not believe in talking, we believe in work. So help the poor make Onitsha valuable for all. Make Onitsha a good place for them. 

Our Causes

Popular Causes

Please Donate For Help

Onitsha Cultural Center

Your donation can help us achieve our long-term objective of owning a cultural center in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  This has been an on-going effort and we hope you can help us get to our goal. All donations made to the Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta are tax deductible. Please, donate now!

Onitsha Healthcare Insurance

Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta has sponsored Health insurance for selected individuals yearly. The selection of who merits this sponsorship is solely in the hands of the healthcare personnel in Onitsha since they know who is truly deserving of it. This process is repeated annually. Help us sustain this program through your generous donation. All donations made to the Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta are tax deductible.

Onitsha Security

Onitsha security is a major endeavor promoted by Ime Obi of Onitsha. The operation requires continuous funding since security personnel, equipment and operations need to be funded. Keep Onitsha safe.  All donations made to the Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta are tax deductible. Donate now!

Meet Our Members

Founding Members

Some of our members have remained with the Club since it was created in the 90s. We recognize them and salute their dedication and foresight.

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