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Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta

Ado Club of Atlanta is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable (tax exempt) organization formed with the sole purpose of upholding the culture of the people of Onitsha living in Atlanta and the environs.

We strive to promote a system of mutual support, unity, love, and understanding among members and all Onitsha people. We strive to foster cordial relationships with other groups.

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Promoting The Onitsha Language

We have launched this project to ensure the Onitsha language continues to thrive. In conjunction with a third-party, we have supported the Onitsha Language Scheme. This Project involves an online Igbo language platform.

Onitsha Cultural Center

Your donation can help us achieve our long-term objective of owning a cultural center in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  This has been an on-going effort and we hope you can help us get to our goal. All donations made to the Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta are tax deductible. Please, donate now!

Onitsha Healthcare Insurance

Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta has sponsored Health insurance for selected individuals yearly. The selection of who merits this sponsorship is solely in the hands of the healthcare personnel in Onitsha since they know who is truly deserving of it. This process is repeated annually. Help us sustain this program through your generous donation. All donations made to the Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta are tax deductible.

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Your donation will help us save and improve lives with your kind donations and gesture of goodwill.

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